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Our company launched in 2015 as a professional media company now know as ParishPIX. With over a decade of experience our founders, two brothers from Lafayette, LA, had a vision to create their own style of marketing through the art of photography & videography. The business developed quickly within the first few years; overall change and growth have brought on a positive vibe and the fun-loving company you see today. We're passionate about new ideas, pushing the limits, and exploring beyond what we already know. We do that by crafting digital strategies, building captivating videos, and working with creative thinkers to innovate and capture your photos that will bring your marketing to the next level. We are always looking forward to what’s ahead, for our company, our clients, and our community.

We work with businesses, realtors, builders, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to better their marketing with new inventive ways. We have a special passion for all of you, who are looking for the next step forward and need marketing content for their listings, homes, business videos, and more. Check out the ParishPIX TV YouTube channel to see what we're up to and please subscribe. We want to provide you with the highest quality product possible, we take each project seriously. If you have seen us in shorts and t-shirts, know that it’s not the clothes that produces results, it’s the team. But if working outside in this Louisiana weather dressed casually is what gets high-quality results, then that is how we plan to do it!

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